Process and Purpose

Paint correction is a timely and intricate process also known as compound and polish. Correcting a vehicles paint will help remove minor imperfections and also bring the paint back to its purest form removing any other chemicals or coatings. There are many purposes that a vehicle may need this process, from scratches or swirling in the paint to heavy oxidation. Depending on the severity of each situation there are many processes to correcting any paint, starting with a wash.

Wash - Before any correcting can be done the car must be washed to remove any dirt, debris, and old wax or coatings that may still be on the paint.

Clay Bar - Clay bar is essential for getting the best results from the polishing process. Your paint is in fact a porous surface which causes very tiny pieces of debris to get stuck into the surface of the paint. The clay bar gently removes these small particles to prevent them from being picked up in the polishing pads, and potentially causing more damage. 

1 - Step Polish - The one step is a polishing process without any compound or cutting involved. Typically this process would be used on vehicles with very light imperfections in the clear coat surface such as swirl marks or very light oxidation. This step is the most time consuming in the correction process, it takes a lot of skill and patience to get it right. Results will likely give a 65-75% improvement in most cases.

2 - Step Compound - The two step is a compound or cutting process used to correct more major imperfections in the clear coat. A heavier pad and compound are used in combination to more quickly cut down the clear coat and correct impurities. Because of this more harsh step another finishing step known as polishing is required to bring the shine back to the paint, therefore a 2-step process. Results will likely give a 75-85% improvement in most cases.

3 - Step Compound - The three step cutting process is much like the two step, but starting with a very harsh pad and compound to remove even more major imperfections. After starting with a very harsh step you then continue on the the lighter compound and finally finish with a polish. A three step process is not used very often and will not give 100% results but can be very effective if used properly. Results will likely give a 85-95% improvement in most cases.

Pricing - $65/panel (1-step)

Full vehicle corrections range from $300-$600 for a 1-step polish

2 and 3 step corrections - call for pricing

The condition of the paint varies from vehicle to vehicle, because of this each job must be inspected in person to give an accurate quote.

Paint correction is a very intricate process, in order to ensure that each customer receives the results they wish we aim to carefully inspect each vehicle in person. 

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